The Scottish Israeli Cultural Association (SICA) is committed to inspiring, developing and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage within the Israeli and wider Scottish community and fostering Participative Democracy for all.


  • A Toast to Burns 01 February 2020 A Toast to Burns
    We invite you to join us for a family-friendly get together on Saturday 01/02 in central Edinburgh. This event is part of the Winter Festivals Programme, sponsored by BEMIS. To…
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  • The Unorthodox - הבלתי רשמיים 09 May 2019 The Unorthodox - הבלתי רשמיים
    Scottish Premiere: Thur 09/5 at 20:30, Everyman, Glasgow. Ya’akov, a Sepharadic Jew who's daughter is expelled from school for ethnic reasons, along with two friends improvises a campaign – without…
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  • The Other Story - סיפור אחר 08 May 2019 The Other Story - סיפור אחר
    Scottish Premiere: Wed 08/5 at 20:30, The Cameo, Edinburgh. A dysfunctional family, looking to make sense of their daughter and granddaughter’s choice to commit to a new life and stay…
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The SCOTTISH ISRAELI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (SICA) was established by a dedicated diverse group of volunteers who shared the passion and desire to further encourage links between the Israeli and Scottish culture

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