08 May 2019

The Other Story - סיפור אחר

Scottish Premiere: Wed 08/5 at 20:30, The Cameo, Edinburgh.

A dysfunctional family, looking to make sense of their daughter and granddaughter’s choice to commit to a new life and stay steadfast to her love, and doing whatever it takes to get to the truth.


“Family conflicts speak to much wider divisions in society in The Other Story, Avi Nesher’s warm hearted ensemble drama which deftly explores an age that is all too quick to label, judge and condemn what it doesn’t understand”
Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

From one of Israel’s most important directors Avi Nesher The Other Story examines, with warmth and wit, the difficulties a secular Jewish family has in coming to terms with their recently ultra-orthodox daughter’s wish to marry her previously ‘bad boy’ musician and now Haredi boyfriend.

Festival and Awards
2018 Official Selection of the Toronto and Chicago International Film Festivals
2018 Opening Film – Haifa International Film Festival

Director: Avi Nesher
Cast: Joy Reiger, Mayaan Bloom, Yuval Segal, Nathan Goshen, Sasson Gabai, Maya Dagan
Producers: Avi Nesher, David M Milch, David Silber
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
2018, 112 minutes, Drama



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